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RE: [Condor-users] condor_rm and process killing on Windows

I use a similar process like this on windows, but condor rm removes the main
process, the batch file. The only difference I can see is that in my case
the batch file spawns the main .exe as an independent process and sleeps and
launches other processes to ftp and finally cleans up the .exe at the end of
the run time.

I don't understand your process tree, are the others independent processes
or do they wait for some.exe to terminate before exiting?

I would suggest he spawns separate processes and use a master batch file to
monitor them, if not I believe (I may be wrong), the process that is
currently running is some.exe

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I have a user with an experiment that spawns a process tree something
like this:

    MKS csh
      MKS csh

His third level MSK csh process does some file returning for him via

When some.exe is running and he does condor_rm, condor is actually
killing the some.exe process -- the deepest process in the tree. Leaving
it's parent csh process thinking that some.exe finished and that it
should return a bunch of stuff to him over FTP.

This is pretty cool if condor_rm does smart things like this. But I've
got some doubts that this is really the case and we're just seeing some
strange corner case. Does condor_rm kill the deepest process in a tree
or does it just kill the go.bat process and leave the OS to clean up the
orphaned processes? The latter is what were expecting.

- Ian

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