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[Condor-users] arguments with spaces?

Please help.

I am trying to pass arguments with spaces to a perl script via condor. Condor seems to provide them to the executable as separate arguments.

Here is my test script:

   #!/usr/local/perl561/bin/perl -w
   print "ARGS:\n";
   foreach (0 .. $#ARGV ) {
     print "$_ $ARGV[$_]\n";

Here is the output if run on a command line:

   bash$ ./test.pl one two "three and four" five six
   0 one
   1 two
   2 three and four
   3 five
   4 six

Please note that "three and four" are one argument.

condor_submit gives an error if you use double quotes:

   bash$ condor_submit test.sub
   Submitting job(s)
   ERROR: Parse error in expression:
       Args = "one two "three and four" five six"
   Error in submit file

change the double quotes to single quotes and you can submit, but the quoted argument becomes 2 arguments, and you get to keep the single quotes:

   bash$ condor_submit test.sub
   Submitting job(s).
   Logging submit event(s).
   1 job(s) submitted to cluster 961.
   bash$ cat out.test.pl
   0 one
   1 two
   2 'three
   3 and
   4 four'
   5 five
   6 six

I've tried escaping the space and quoting the argument every way that I can. Please help.

Thank you.