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Re: [Condor-users] getting details/information regarding a given job

Hi Bruce

did u find the option for viewing the history from any machine? I have been fiddling with the configuration file but it is still not working.

Prashant Lal

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 14:56, bruce wrote:

i can use 'condor_q', 'condor_status', 'condor_history' to get some
information about a given job.

someone mentioned 'condor_stats', but it appears that you need to install
condor_view to use the stats...

when i tried the condor_history, it seemed to be local to the server that i
was running on.

does anyone have any thoughts as to how i could pull information from all
the servers within my pool, to allow me to then get complete information on
a given job. i'm considering some app that might merge various files,
allowing me to then be able to tell when an app was started, completed,
completion status, server it ran on, submitting user, etc....

in reviewing the condor_* tools, i didn't come away with a good way to get
complete information using the existing tools.



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