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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with Windows XP workers

Colin hi,
The XP machines are not setup with a firewall and SP2 is not installed.

Thanks again

> George,
> My guess is that the windows firewall is blocking your starter's command 
> port. v6.7.2 was released just before all of the XP SP2 windows firewall 
> issues had been dealt with, and as a result, it's missing a key 
> exception. The startd actually needs the exception, since it is the 
> process that binds the command port for the starter.
> 6.7.3 (due out very soon) should solve these issues.
> In the mean time, you can also add the missing exception to your 
> firewall manually, like so:
> netsh firewall add allowedprogram  C:\full\path\to\condor_startd.exe
> You can also verify that the exceptions are in place by running
> netsh firewall show config
> There should be an exception for both the condor_master.exe and 
> condor_startd.exe (since these are execute-only machines, if I recall). 
> It's also handy to use
> netsh firewall show state
> to see what ports programs are using that are being passed through as 
> exceptions.
> Colin
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