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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with Windows XP workers


My guess is that the windows firewall is blocking your starter's command port. v6.7.2 was released just before all of the XP SP2 windows firewall issues had been dealt with, and as a result, it's missing a key exception. The startd actually needs the exception, since it is the process that binds the command port for the starter.

6.7.3 (due out very soon) should solve these issues.

In the mean time, you can also add the missing exception to your firewall manually, like so:

netsh firewall add allowedprogram C:\full\path\to\condor_startd.exe

You can also verify that the exceptions are in place by running

netsh firewall show config

There should be an exception for both the condor_master.exe and condor_startd.exe (since these are execute-only machines, if I recall). It's also handy to use

netsh firewall show state

to see what ports programs are using that are being passed through as exceptions.