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Re: [Condor-users] Starter problem? Shadow problem? File transferproblem?

Taking the "output_kludge" out does indeed allow the job to complete. 
Putting it back it in does not.  The permissions are correct on the
various directories, meaning everybody and his brother can write to
them.  I have contacted the SAMGrid people to see what this parameter is
supposed to be doing.  Hopefully they will provide illumination.



On Mon, 2004-12-27 at 15:42, Dan Bradley wrote:
> Joseph L. Kaiser wrote:
> >12/27 10:12:30 About to exec
> >/opt/condor/local.cmswn103/execute/dir_24871/condor _exec.exe -l
> >12/27 10:12:30 Create_Process succeeded, pid=24873
> >12/27 10:12:30 Process exited, pid=24873, status=0
> >12/27 10:12:30 ReliSock: put_file: Failed to open file
> >/opt/condor/local.cmswn10 3/execute/dir_24871/output_kludge, errno = 2.
> >
> The code errno=2 indicates "No such file or directory".  Judging from 
> the speed with which your job is exiting, my guess is that it is simply 
> not generating the file output_kludge and that is why the starter is 
> failing to transfer back the file.
> I suggest removing 'output_kludge' from the list of output files and 
> running your job again.  This should allow you to at least see 
> stdout/stderr, which will hopefully contain some explanation from the 
> application about why it is exiting so quickly.  Or just run the 
> application by hand under the same conditions.
> --Dan