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Re: [Condor-users] Starter problem? Shadow problem? File transferproblem?

Joseph L. Kaiser wrote:

12/27 10:12:30 About to exec
/opt/condor/local.cmswn103/execute/dir_24871/condor _exec.exe -l
12/27 10:12:30 Create_Process succeeded, pid=24873
12/27 10:12:30 Process exited, pid=24873, status=0
12/27 10:12:30 ReliSock: put_file: Failed to open file
/opt/condor/local.cmswn10 3/execute/dir_24871/output_kludge, errno = 2.

The code errno=2 indicates "No such file or directory". Judging from the speed with which your job is exiting, my guess is that it is simply not generating the file output_kludge and that is why the starter is failing to transfer back the file.

I suggest removing 'output_kludge' from the list of output files and running your job again. This should allow you to at least see stdout/stderr, which will hopefully contain some explanation from the application about why it is exiting so quickly. Or just run the application by hand under the same conditions.