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[Condor-users] Win32 Version more questions(Newbie)

It is possible to alter the command shell utilized by Condor to execute jobs?
    I wish to use 4NT instead of CMD since it is considerably more flexible.

Is there a facility to execute my own initialization at service start (via VBScript or some other script)?
    I wish to setup "mount points" aka "mapped drives" like the users home 
    drive and the common run directories.

I am still unclear how security is handled in Condor (even after reading the documentation).  I am aware the Condor submit will not queue a job if the requesting user does not have execute permission (to the job file/binary).  However, since the service runs under a selected user and no "runas" is executed what is to prevent the user from copying, accessing, moving file(s) he or she doesn't have access to but the cluster user does?

I am sorry if these question seem a bit basic but I am still uncertain after readin the documentation.  I hope someone has a simular experience and can educate me or point me in the direction of further documentation.

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