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Re: [Condor-users] Win32 Version more questions(Newbie)

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 09:55:24AM -0500, N wrote:
> It is possible to alter the command shell utilized by Condor to execute jobs?
>     I wish to use 4NT instead of CMD since it is considerably more flexible.
> Is there a facility to execute my own initialization at service start (via VBScript or some other script)?
>     I wish to setup "mount points" aka "mapped drives" like the users home 
>     drive and the common run directories.

You can use the USER_JOB_WRAPPER:


It's going to get executed by cmd.exe, but then you could exec 4NT and
map whatever drives you want. 

> I am still unclear how security is handled in Condor (even after reading the documentation).  I am aware the Condor submit will not queue a job if the requesting user does not have execute permission (to the job file/binary).  However, since the service runs under a selected user and no "runas" is executed what is to prevent the user from copying, accessing, moving file(s) he or she doesn't have access to but the cluster user does?

Nothing - except we strip away as many permissions as we can from the
user we create to use for executing jobs on remote machines.