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[Condor-users] feature request - expose the execute directory ofthe job on a classad

hopefully an easy one...

could you expose either:

1) the local pid of the job
2) the path to the execute directory for the job

(1 will be sufficient to let me calculate 2 in all my cases but others
may prefer 2)

It would be most useful for me on the job classad but I could get it
by a sub query on the machine classad if need be (though I would have
to use -direct to try and keep it accurate for short running jobs)

With this I can automate giving users access to the directory where
their job is running very easily (at the moment I would have to scan
all directories and use a heuristic to work out which belonged to
which given the SMP nature of my farm).

I can't envisage this being a serious security issue though if you
like you could disable this functionality by default...