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RE: [Condor-users] condor user needed?

Hi Mike,

It is highly recommended that Condor is run as a non-root user for
security reasons. Otherwise, it's possible to erase an important system
file, corrupt the system, etc etc, either maliciously and/or

The common practices is that Condor is started as root and CONDOR_IDS
specifies a non-root user. Upon startup Condor then immediately switches
to the condor user and continues to run as such for most of the tasks
(except for a few small tasks that need to be done as root).

Hope that answers your question


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> I am setting up a small condor pool and I'm trying to make some
> decisions about how to configure my installation.  If do not use a
> shared filesystem among the nodes, is there any advantage to having a
> condor user and condor home directory?  From the documentation, the
> condor user is also used to write log files but these could also be
> written as root by specifying root in the CONDOR_IDS parameter.  Is
> condor user needed for any other functions?
> thanks again for all your help...
> Mike
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