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Re: [Condor-users] very slow reporting

Sandy Spence wrote:

Hi All,

When I run condor_status the returned report is very slow, also if condor_master is restarted the reports form the slave nodes are also very slow.

Also I get a bunch of ????????? in the ActivityTime column after a job is submitted. I have checked the clocks and they are all synced to the master.

Anybody got any clues?

I've had the same problem before.

By default Condor Collector is sending reports (by email and directly to condor_collector) about your pool to the main Condor site (@condor.cs.wisc.edu- - try to find error trying to connect to this address in MasterLog)

In my case network switch was set up so that no-one can access my pool (except for few local networks).
Every time when I ran condor_status or condor_q it took him something like 1 minute to finish. Since I've turned off the report option everything works fine.

You have to set this 2 options to NONE:

hope this helps,
Emir Imamagic