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[Condor-users] Re: Condor for industrial usage

Dr. Jaouad ALKHALIKI wrote:

I would like to use Condor in serious (sorry :-)) industrial projects. I've heard about the usage of Condor in a rendering company.
Can you please advice me on where to start to see what Condor is capable of?
Is there another way but to read the BIG documentation?

There are a couple of papers that will do a good job of introducing you to Condor, without reading the big documentation.

Condor and the Grid is a good choice:

Another good one is Distributed Computing in Practice: The Condor Experience.

Is it straightforward to install and play with condor on a few machines?

It's not too hard, but it helps if you are fairly comfortable with the platform (Linux, Windows, etc) you are using. If you are installing on Linux and you don't know much about Linux yet, it tends to be much harder.

Do you have some feedback on "industrial" usage of Condor?

I know that it has been used heavily by some large companies, and they are happy with it. What sort of feedback do you want?

I know, many questions, but I'm really interested in taking Condor to the industrial world. It will be helpful for Condor too.