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Re: [Condor-users] staging files in condor

To prevent the executable file from being copied, put "copy_to_spool =
false" in your submit file. To copy other files that aren't the
standard input (perhaps they're passed as arguments), add
"transfer_input_files = file1, file2, etc"

As for not transferring the input file itself, that seems kind of
tricky. I think you'll just have to transfer it. Or you could create a
wrapper script and submit that script to condor, which in turn would
execute your executable with the desired input.

You can find more information about the copy_to_spool and
transfer_input_files options in the manual page for condor_submit:

A Nayar wrote:
when submitting a job, can i just transfer some files which are needed by the executable but is not an input file and not transfer the executable or the input file?