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Re: [Condor-users] staging files in condor

Aaron Suggs wrote:
> As for not transferring the input file itself, that seems kind of
> tricky. 
> [...]
> A Nayar wrote:
> > when submitting a job, can i just transfer some files which are needed 
> > by the executable but is not an input file and not transfer the 
> > executable or the input file?

If you don't want an input file to be transferred, 
why list it in the "input" job attribute? 

However, I believe that it is fragile not to transfer 
the input files, because the assumption that the file 
already exists on the execution machine may be incorrect, 
e.g., because of non-shared file system or lack of 
knowledge about what the execution host will be. 

So if the input files are not too large, it 
seems like a good trade-off to give up the 
file transfer time in exchange for robustness.