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RE: [Condor-users] staging files in condor

Another way to handle this is that your submit job calls a small
batch/script file.  This script file checks to see if the executable is
present, and if it is continues to run the job, if not it transfers the jobs
or fails out -- whatever you want it to do.

This is by far the most elegant solution as you are not doing any duplicate
work, and it makes setting up a new execution host a breeze -- install
Condor and that's all you need to do.


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Aaron Suggs wrote:
> As for not transferring the input file itself, that seems kind of
> tricky. 
> [...]
> A Nayar wrote:
> > when submitting a job, can i just transfer some files which are needed 
> > by the executable but is not an input file and not transfer the 
> > executable or the input file?

If you don't want an input file to be transferred, 
why list it in the "input" job attribute? 

However, I believe that it is fragile not to transfer 
the input files, because the assumption that the file 
already exists on the execution machine may be incorrect, 
e.g., because of non-shared file system or lack of 
knowledge about what the execution host will be. 

So if the input files are not too large, it 

seems like a good trade-off to give up the 
file transfer time in exchange for robustness. 

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