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[Condor-users] Condor and batch Matlab problem


 I am trying to run a matlab job on a Condor pool. The execute machine I
use for testing is running Win XP, Condor 6.6.5 and Matlab 6.5.

 After submission, the job enters the running state and
hangs. I don't think the script is even started, as no result file is

 I am using a very simple matlab script file. test.m:

load a.dat;
load b.dat;
matrR = a * b;
save matrR.dat;

 The script runs ok when I run it locally.

 When I submit through condor, I use a matlab.bat file, with the content

matlab.exe %1 %2 %3 ... which calls the matlab engine on the

execute machine so I don't have to stage the executable.

 The condor submit script is 

# Submit a matlab job
Executable = matlab.bat
Universe = vanilla
Requirements = ((Arch == "INTEL" && OpSys == "WINNT51"))
should_transfer_files = YES
whenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = a.dat,b.dat,test.m
environment = PATH=c:\matlab_sv13\bin\win32
arguments = /r test /logfile log.txt
log = mat.log
Output = mat.out
Error = mat.err
Queue 1 

 This method of running matlab with condor is posted on the
web and it is tested to work by other users. I believe it has something to
do with the fact that the matlab engine tries to open a window, and that
might not be allowed by the condor runtime system.

 I have checked the "execute" dir on the execute machine. The files are
staged nicely and the local process 
is started. The StarterLog says

7/14 16:01:06 About to exec C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /Q /C
condor_exec.bat /r x /logfile log.txt
7/14 16:01:06 Create_Process succeeded, pid=2160

 If I run the EXACT command line from a command prompt inside the execute
directory on the execute machine, I can sucessfully run the application,
with the same environment  settings.

 My guess is that the proplem occurs when the process tries to popup the
matlab window. I have tried to use the switches
/nosplash /nodesktop and /minimize, but no effect.

 I have even tried with a basic .m file containing only the exit command,
but no success.

 Any ideas?

 Thanks and regards

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