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RE: [Condor-users] how to terminate jobs automatically

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> From: Dr Ian C. Smith

> transfer_files=ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
> before but had the same problem - perhaps I need the signal 
> handler as well 
> ?

good question don't know if this erquires that you trap the signal or not

6.7 dev series allows the streaming of the output - this may be sufficient for your needs anyway - I haven't used it yet so can't really help

> > Alternatively have your jobs keep track of the time 
> themseves (making
> > this time an additional argument perhaps) and have them 
> kill themselves
> > (nicely if possible with a message to that effect) a minute 
> or so before
> > condor would (to allow for clock differences)
> Yeah I had thought of that but I'm wary of having users hard code this
> kind of implementation detail in their apps in case we change 
> things in the 
> future.
> A signal handler would be more future proof.

> On Sun Grid Engine, which is UNIX based it is possible to send the app
> a "warning" signal to tell it to clear itself up before it 
> sends the KILL 
> signal.
> Is there anything possible like on Condor/Windows.

condor does a similar thing when vacating a job see http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.7/2_7Priorities_Preemption.html (section 2.7.3)

The only problem is what to do with your state info if you have no access to central storage...

> >
> > Note that the above solution has some unpleasant security 
> connotations
> > you may not be able to accept.
> We're stuck with the vanilla universe so I guess this precludes having
> Condor connect the I/O to a shadow running on another 
> machine. I wouldn't
> fancy writing my own version of this - plus I doubt we could live with
> the security problems.

you're a bit stuck then - I can only suggest the 6.7 retime stream. This doesn't help you on restart but does get you all the output irrespective of outcome.

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