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[Condor-users] How to employ job-level strictly priority-basedscheduling

We currently use a batch system designed in-house, and are considering
switching to use Condor in the future. We'd like to configure Condor to
behave in the following simple manner:

1) Each job cluster has a priority number specified by the submitter

2) Each job in the cluster inherits the priority number from the cluster

3) The system schedules jobs strictly based on the job's priority. This
means that if a machine is available, the job with all the requirements met
and with the highest priority at the moment is picked, regardless of who the
submitter is, and which cluster the job belongs to.

4) No preemption. 

Is this achievable? After reading the manual, it seems to us that the answer
is "very hard" or even "no". But we'd like to hear from the experts out