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Re: [Condor-users] Specs for the Central Manager machine ?

Andrew Mellanby wrote:
What are the guidelines for specifing a machine to run the central manager ?
We may have a condor pool of the order of 1000 machines and we'd really like to make sure we don't cripple an existing server by installing the manager on it.

As other people wrote, a moderate computer will do fine as the central manager.

If you are submitting 1000 or more jobs to run on your cluster, your bigger concern are your submissions points. If you have a single computer for submissions, it is more likely to become a bottleneck than the central manager. If you have multiple computers for submissions (each user submits from their desktop, perhaps) then it's less likely to be a problem.

Having many idle jobs in the queue isn't a problem, except that condor_q can be a bit slow to respond. But having 1000 running jobs submitting from a single computer can be the bottleneck.