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[Condor-users] FW: Condor on Windows 2003 (fwd)

Dear All,

I install Condor 6.6 on windows 2003. I try to submit printname in
example. I found that my job is running then it backed to idle. The log
file (printname.log) said, "cannot connect condor_starter". I check
StarterLog and found that process cannot be created. Here is an except:

About to exec c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /q /c condor_exec.bat
Create_Proces: CreateProcess failed, errno=5
ERROR "Create_Process(C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe,condor_exe.exe /Q /C
condor_exec.bat , ...) failed" at line 493 in file

When I installed Condor, I select "new job pool" and "personal job pool".
I change NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL to 15. I test this configuration on Windows.

How can I fix this problem?