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RE: [condor-users] Condor sleeping

> It never happened for me with 6.4.7. It started with 6.6 
> series, and is
> not only annoying, but makes my users feel that the system is
> unreliable, which unfortunately is true in these 
> circumstances. I wish I
> had more time to debug it, but maybe if someone has at least some time
> to try moving collector and negotiator to another machine 
> (with another
> IP/Name - maybe some problem with DNS resolution), and more likely -
> Linux or at least not Windows. From all mails on the list it 
> feels like
> Windows causes some problems here. By the way, I don't experience any
> problems with the pools working with Linux-based matchmaker.

My master node is a Whitebox Linux machine. The other machines are 
a mix of Win2000, WinXP and Linux.

Having said that, the master is running 6.6.1, the others a mix of 6.6.1 and
maybe I should put 6.6.5 on the master node.