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RE: [Condor-users] MPI, Windows and non dedicated resources...

> G'Day,

G'day mate!
> I have condor running beautifully on 60 PCs at Charles Sturt Uni, in
> Albury, Australia. At the moment it is just used to run batch jobs for
> lecturers/php students etc.
> However, I would like to allow MPI jobs to be submitted to the same 60
> pcs. The PCs are student lab pcs, so they are not a dedicated 
> resource.
> So, I have a few questions regarding MPI:
> - Does it work on Windows?

I haven't tried it, but from the Manuals, I have always assumed it does.

> - Do the processing nodes need any special software, libraries, etc?

Only MPIch, p4 is supported, not other MPI implementations. Last time I
on Linux, 1.2.5 didn't work - you have to use 1.2.2, 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 (this
was/is documented).

> - Can I specify that my nodes be "dedicated" between certain 
> times, ie.
> over night when there are no students around?
> - Can the "dedicated" controller be run on the same machine as the
> oppurtunistic controller???

The example in the manual shows how a single controller can control both
types of job
while giving priority to the MPI ones. I am fairly certain that you could
add the time
restraint code in there - good idea, I like it!

> Is anyone doing something like this at the moment???

I have done some work on Linux, but not Windows.