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[Condor-users] Scheduling in hetrogenous environment



I have 3 machines that can be submitted to from a Condor-G jobmanager. I have set within the machine classads that they can run a maximum of 5 jobs each, When I submit the job I use the ‘Rank’ facility to set it so that the fasted machine is always selected first. My problem is that the jobs get allocated as follows:


1st 5 jobs Machine 1 (very quick)

2nd 5 jobs Machine 2 (slow)

3rd 5 jobs Machine 3 (very very slow)

4th 5 jobs Machine 1

5th 5 jobs Machine 2

6th 5 jobs Machine 3

7th 5 jobs Machine 1

8th 5 jobs Machine 2

9th 5 jobs Machine 3


And so on. My problem is that the destination of the jobs seems to be completely independent of whether that resource has jobs already queued. i.e when the 1st, 2nd & 3rd set of 5 jobs have been submitted to resources the negotiation should stop until there is a spare resource, ie my very fast machine would get the bulk of the jobs not an equal share as happens at the moment.

IS there anyway that you can force the Negotiator to operate inconjunction to the resources and not preallocate which machines jobs will get sent to?







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