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Re: [Condor-users] Authentication methods in Condor

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 09:49:44AM +0100, Bruce Beckles wrote:
> More authentication related questions:
> - I've just read in the manual that Condor under MacOS X doesn't support
>   Kerberos authentication (seems slightly odd as MIT Kerberos v5 1.3.1
>   ships with MacOS X 10.3).  So, when can we expect Condor under
>   MacOS X to support Kerberos authentication?

it will take just a small amount of work, which i've actually already started.
i would estimate you will find kerb support for OS X in 6.7.2.

> - Could someone from the Condor Team confirm (or correct) my earlier
>   statement that GSI authentication is only supported under Linux (and so,
>   in particular, not under the various flavours of UNIX Condor supports)?

no, it should work with the other UNIces.  are there particular platforms
(other than OS X) you are concerned about?

> My basic search here is for a strong authentication method that works
> under all the supported Condor platforms (and of the available strong
> authentication methods we have internal reasons for preferring Kerberos
> anyway).  We have large number of Windows, Linux and MacOS X machines
> which we would combine into a Condor pool if only we had such a cross
> platform strong authentication method.

i understand your dilemma.  there isn't a good solution at this point, but
both kerberos and GSI are coming to Windows as soon as possible.  the latest
GSI toolkit from globus looks much more promising than earlier versions.