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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, cactus and globus

Thanks for the reply, I think the first option meets what I require pretty 
well, I have recompiled the app with mpich 1.2.4. MPICH-G2 was actually an 
overkill, it is enough that I can use MPICH.


On Thursday 24 June 2004 12:30 pm, Jaime Frey wrote:
> On Jun 22, 2004, at 11:31 AM, Arun nayar wrote:
> >    I have a Cactus executable compiled with MPICH-G2 which I can run
> > using
> > the mpirun command. If I want to use condor to submit the job, which
> > universe do I use;vanilla,mpi or globus.
> >
> > Is it possible that I compile the Cactus executable without MPI option
> > and
> > then use the condor job submit to specify it to run as an mpi job. Any
> > advantages/disadvantages of doing so.
> >
> > If anybody has used these 3 tools, cactus,condor and mpich-g2
> > together, can
> > they tell me how mpirun, condor_job_submit and globus_job_run are used
> > in
> > the above scenario.
> I assume you want to run your program on a remote globus-accessible
> resource. In that case, you have three options for using condor-g to
> run it.
> 1) Run as an ordinary mpi job via globus universe: If a single instance
> of your program doesn't have to span multiple execution sites, this is
> probably the best option. You'll need to recompile your program with an
> ordinary version of mpi (i.e. one other than mpich-g2). Then, you'll
> submit your jobs as globus universe jobs and include the following line
> your submit file:
> globusrsl = (jobtype=mpi)
> 2) Use mpi universe and glide-in: With this option, you'll submit your
> jobs as mpi universe jobs. Then you'll submit glide-in jobs to multiple
> globus resources, which start up the condor daemons as user jobs. When
> they report back, condor will start your mpi jobs just like in a local
> condor pool. You'll have to recompile your program with a version of
> mpich that the condor mpi universe works with.
> 3) Use coordinator: If you want to use mpich-g2 and condor-g, this is
> the option you'll need. To coordinate the nodes of your mpi job across
> multiple sites, mpich-g2 expects your submit machine to act as a
> coordinator. globus-job-run/globusrun can do this, but condor-g
> doesn't. We've written a coordinator that runs on top of condor-g. It's
> very much beta-quality software, but one set of users have been using
> it successfully for a while now. You'll write a globus universe submit
> file for each resource that you want to be included in your job. Then
> you'll run the coordinator as a scheduler universe job, giving the
> submit files as arguments.
> The big question is how much you need mpich-g2 (versus another version
> of mpi). Is it alright for each job to run at a single site?
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