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[Condor-users] Condor for industrial usage

I've never used Condor. Just read about it.
I'm working for a big computer company in Grid technology (archi, dev, standards).
I would like to use Condor in serious (sorry :-)) industrial projects. I've heard about the usage of Condor in a rendering company.
Can you please advice me on where to start to see what Condor is capable of?
Is there another way but to read the BIG documentation?
Is it straightforward to install and play with condor on a few machines?
Do you have some feedback on "industrial" usage of Condor?
I know, many questions, but I'm really interested in taking Condor to the industrial world. It will be helpful for Condor too.
Thanks for your help and advices.
Jaouad Alkhaliki

Alain Roy <roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Steffen Grunewald asked:
>is it possible to notify more than one user using notify_user (without
>setting up a dedicated mailing list)? What's the proper syntax? man
>condor_submit doesn't give a hint...

Yes, is it possible: just list each email address, with commas between the
email addresses.

I'll make sure that the manual is updated to point this out before the next
release is made.


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