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RE: [Condor-users] Requeueing a job from an execution client?

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> Subject: Re: [Condor-users] Requeueing a job from an execution client?
> > I'm thinking
> > condor_vacate is what I'd want to call but I can't see how 
> a job would
> > know which VM on a machine it was running on...
> > 
> Conveniently, condor_vacate doesn't know about VMs anyway :)

that does not appear to be the case

condor_vacate vm1@xxxxxxx works fine in my environment...

Usage: condor_vacate.exe [general-options] [targets]
where [general-options] can be zero or more of:
    -help               gives this usage information
    -version            prints the version
    -pool hostname      use the given central manager to find daemons
    -graceful           gracefully vacate the jobs (the default)
    -fast               quickly vacate the jobs (no checkpointing)
where [targets] can be zero or more of:
    -all                all hosts in your pool (overrides other targets)
    hostname            given host
    <ip.address:port>   given "sinful string"
  (for compatibility with other Condor tools, you can also use:)
    -name hostname      given host
    -addr <addr:port>   given "sinful string"
  (if no targets are specified, the local host is used)

  condor_vacate.exe causes the condor_startd to vacate the running
  job(s) on specific machines.  If you specify a virtual machine
  (for example, "vm1@hostname"), only that machine will be
  vacated.  If you specify just a hostname, all jobs running under
  any virtual machines at that host will be vacated.  By default,
  the jobs will be checkpointed (if possible), though if you
  specify the -fast option, they will be immediately killed.

I hope this ability will be maintained going forward even though condor_vacate in 6_7 provides the far more pleasant cluster/proc id method...


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