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[Condor-users] Retirement Clarification

Am about to setup 6.7.2 in production on my pool, principle reason
being for the Retirement functionality added to the dev releases.

Someone here pointed out:


"Added new startd policy expression MaxJobRetirementTime. This
specifies the maximum amount of time (in seconds) that the startd is
willing to wait for a job to finish on its own when the startd needs
to preempt the job (for owner preemption, negotiator preemption, or
graceful startd shutdown). "

Since in other areas preemption due to rank and preemption due to user
priority are handled differently (i.e. one you can't stop and one you
can) I wanted to confirm that:


When an active claim is about to be preempted **for any reason**, it
enters retirement, while it waits for the current job to finish. The
MaxJobRetirementTime expression determines how long to wait (counting
since the time the job started). Once the job finishes or the
retirement time expires, the Preempting state is entered. "

(my emphasis)
Means that both the rank and priority reasons for preemption respect
max retirement time as was my understanding.