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Re: [Condor-users] condor rewrites my file instead of reading it,why???


maybe you could add Output, Error and Log lines to your submit script
and see if there is Error output and also take a look at the Log file.

I am getting some entries in the Log file that I have to investigate
after compiling and submitting your test program.


On 11/19/2004 10:24 AM, 鲁敏 wrote:
> I did a small test with condor,it seems something wrong.
> //the "test.cpp"
> //function: Read a float number from an existing file config.ini,
> //and write it to another new file test.txt
> #include "stdio.h"
> #include "fstream.h"
> void main()
> {
>  ifstream  fin;  //define an input file stream
>  fin.open("config.ini"); //  open the existing non-empty config.ini file
>  float c;
>  fin>>c;  // read the float number to variable c
>  ofstream fout("test.txt"); //define an output file
>  fout<<c; //output c to test.txt
>  fin.close();
>  fout.close();
> }
> ////////////////////////////////////////
> It runs correctly itself. But when i submit it to condor,the config.ini 
> was rewrote to be empty.
>   I am a new user , can anybody help me ???Thank you very much
> Other informations:
> 1. I use the windows 2000 server with visual c++ on it , and the condor 
> central manager.
> 2. the submit file is test.sub:
>     Executable = test.exe
>     Universe = vanilla
>     Queue
> 3. before submitting,the config.ini  is 11.111 , 1KB
>                               the test.txt  is   empty,  0KB
>   after the job run , the config.ini  is empty, 0KB
>                               the test.txt  is   -1.07374e+008,  1KB
> 4.test.exe is the vc++'s executable file first in the debug directory.
> you need to form it and place it in the same directory with config.ini .
> 5. when the test.exe runs itself, the result is :
>          the config.ini  is 11.111 , 1KB 
>          the test.txt  is   11.111 ,  1KB
> Thank you very much !!!