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Re: [Condor-users] condor rewrites my file instead of reading it,why???

I  add Output, Error and Log lines to my submit script, but there is nothing wrong.
The entries you talked about maybe the files in the directory.
All i  want to do is reading a file and writing  the content to another file ,using condor_submit .
If you have the successful examples ,will you send me one?
Thank you very much!!!

Christian Rosenbleck <christian.rosenbleck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

maybe you could add Output, Error and Log lines to your submit script
and see if there is Error output and also take a look at the Log file.

I am getting some entries in the Log file that I have to investigate
after compiling and submitting your test program.


On 11/19/2004 10:24 AM, 鲁敏 wrote:
> I did a small test with condor,it seems something wrong.
> //the "test.cpp"
> //function: Read a float number from an existing file config.ini,
> //and write it to another new file test.txt
> #include "stdio.h"
> #include "fstream.h"
> void main()
> {
> ifstream fin; //define an input file stream
> fin.open("config.ini"); // open the existing non-empty config.ini file
> float c;
> fin>>c; // read the float number to variable c
> ofstr! eam fout("test.txt"); //define an output file
> fout<> fin.close();
> fout.close();
> }
> ////////////////////////////////////////
> It runs correctly itself. But when i submit it to condor,the config.ini
> was rewrote to be empty.
> I am a new user , can anybody help me ???Thank you very much
> Other informations:
> 1. I use the windows 2000 server with visual c++ on it , and the condor
> central manager.
> 2. the submit file is test.sub:
> Executable = test.exe
> Universe = vanilla
> Queue
> 3. before submitting,the config.ini is 11.111 , 1KB
> the test.txt is empty, 0KB
> after the job run , the config.ini is empty, 0KB
> the test.txt is -1.07374e+008, 1KB
> 4.test.exe is the vc++'s executable file first in the debug directory.
> you need to form it and place it in the same directory with config.ini .
> > 5. when the test.exe runs itself, the result is :
> the config.ini is 11.111 , 1KB
> the test.txt is 11.111 , 1KB
> Thank you very much !!!

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