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RE: [Condor-users] URGENT : MPI shared drive issue


This is a known issue with Condor on Windows (at least for me and some other
people) reported to this
mailing list previously

Condor for some reason is trying to interpret the mounted share and fails to
the share directly afterwards. For example, I have a samba share
\\seas\homes mounted
as h:\ drive and working say in h:\condor_jobs folder.

When I submit jobs from this folder Condor fails to do so, complaining that
it cannot open
files from \\seas\homes\condor_jobs folder or cannot chdir there. (probably
because neither
chdir nor fopen don't understand NetBIOS paths or something like that) 
If the same job is submitted from the c:\condor_jobs folder then Condor is

I have Condor 6.7.2 now and the problem is still there, although the error
messages are different
as Jonathan have (sorry, can't reproduce any at the moment, network
maintenance pause)



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> Jonathan,
> Could you tell us what Windows version (and Service Pack) 
> you're using? 
> Also, could you share your submit file?
> thanks,
> Colin
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