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Re: [Condor-users] Multiple masters on one machine

Each master should have his own directory and configuration files. The configuration should almost be the same; the only differences are the values for LOWPORT and HIGHPORT macros, the LOCAL_DIR and RELEASE_DIR, and the COLLECTOR_NAME. Do I have to change something else?

I think that should be sufficient, except that you need to specify the collector port if they are both supposed to run a collector.

1. What could be the reason that the second condor isn't starting collector and negotiator? IMHO they should start because it's (more or less) the same configuration file.

In Condor, all ports are dynamic, except for the collector and negotiator. Those are normally 9618 and 9614.

Look at the COLLECTOR_HOST and NEGOTIATOR_HOST in your configuration file, and you can edit the port numbers. Here's what it says:

##  In most cases, your condor_collector and condor_negotiator are
##  going to run on the same machine.  If for some reason, this isn't
##  the case, here's where you'd change it. Also, you can change the
##  port that the collector and negotiator run on. By default, the
##  collector uses port 9618 and the negotiator uses port 9614, but
##  you can set the port with a ":port", such as:

You'll need to make sure that all machines in each pool know what these are, but putting it in their configuration files.

2. Is there a way to tell the clients to which master they should connect if there are different masters on the same machine in the same subnet? The only thing I could think of is the port setting. But I have tried this, giving two clients different ports and they seem to connect to the same master.

How did you give them different ports?

If they have appropriate configuration files with COLLECTOR_HOST and NEGOTIATOR_HOST set correctly, it should work.