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RE: [Condor-users] Suspended --> Retiring transition

Thanks Dan. Does the state stays in Suspended because the previous
Retiring state is triggered by PREEMPT? What if we have:

Time 1: Busy->Retiring (due to machine rank)
Time 2: Retirng->Suspended
Time 3: PREEMPT evaluates to true

At time 4, will there be a Suspend->Retiring transition?

My experiment tells me that the answer is yes, but it'll be great to
confirm this.

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Jimmy Choi wrote:

>As an experiment, I was trying to simulate the transition from
>to Retiring, but couldn't get it to work.
>I have specified the following in condor_config:
>START = True         # make sure that the job starts
>SUSPEND = True       # get into the suspended state immediately
>CONTINUE = False     
>PREEMPT = True       # should trigger the Suspended->Retiring state?
>MaxJobRetirementTime = 3600 
>Basically, the job stays in the suspended state and never moves to the
>Retiring state. What's wrong?

When I try the setup you describe above, here's what I see:

10/1 15:24:25 vm1: State change: SUSPEND is TRUE
10/1 15:24:25 vm1: Changing activity: Busy -> Suspended
10/1 15:24:31 vm1: State change: PREEMPT is TRUE
10/1 15:24:31 vm1: Changing activity: Suspended -> Retiring
10/1 15:24:31 vm1: State change: SUSPEND is TRUE
10/1 15:24:31 vm1: Changing activity: Retiring -> Suspended

and it then stays in the suspended state indefinitely.  This is behaving

as expected (but I am open to criticism).  Here's why it behaves this

1. The suspension policy applies during retirement, so the fact that a 
claim is being retired does not interfere with your ability to make 
Condor play nicely when there is other activity on the machine.

2. Time spent suspended does _not_ count towards a job's maximum 
retirement time, because otherwise it is impossible for a user to know 
what the job will really get when specifying a minimum required 
retirement time.

If you replace the following two lines in your setup, you can see the 
transition suspended -> retiring.

SUSPEND = $(ActivationTimer) < 30
CONTINUE = $(ActivationTimer) > 30

--Dan Bradley

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