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Re: [Condor-users] Suspended --> Retiring transition

Jimmy Choi wrote:

Thanks Dan. Does the state stays in Suspended because the previous
Retiring state is triggered by PREEMPT? What if we have:

Time 1: Busy->Retiring (due to machine rank)
Time 2: Retirng->Suspended
Time 3: PREEMPT evaluates to true

At time 4, will there be a Suspend->Retiring transition?

My experiment tells me that the answer is yes, but it'll be great to
confirm this.

Due to a subtlety of the design, yes, there will be another Suspended->Retiring transition in this case. Internally, there are two kinds of retirement: reversible and irreversible. PREEMPT causes a transition to irreversible retirement, while a preempting claim causes a transition to reversible retirement, so if the preempting claim goes away before the retirement is completed, the original claim backs out of retirement.