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[Condor-users] Trouble with env vars when submitting from Linux andtargetting Windows

I have a job I'd like to submit from Linux but is meant to run on a
Windows machine. I have my requirements set appropriatly. I'd like to
export my LM_LICENSE_FILE setting from my Linux machine to the Windows
machine. Unfortunatly Windows requires the separator in the
LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to be a ';' character whereas it's a ':' on
Linux. Translating the ':' to ';' and then trying to submit from Linux
yeilds the following error from condor_submit:

ERROR: Missing '=' after environment variable '1700@goto'.

Is there a way to alert condor_submit to the fact that I'm not running
on Linux so I'm using | as the env var separator and thus ';' is a legal
character in the value of a env var when I submit from Linux? I was
hoping condor_submit could have figured that bit out by looking at the
target Arch in the requirements setting.

My submission ticket environment and requirements lines looks like this:

requirements = (Arch  == "INTEL" && (OpSys == "WINNT40" || OpSys ==
"WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51")) && ((VirtualMemory >= 204800)) &&
(Machine == "TTC-BS1000-031.altera.priv.altera.com")
environment =


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