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[Condor-users] setting up condor on multiple machines...


in testing condor, it appears that i have setup two machines with condor.
one machine acts as the manager, and i'd like the 2nd to be a client in the

from the 1st(manager) i can see that both machines are communicating. i can
even submit a job (a perl script) on the 1st machine and have it
successfully run.

however, when i do a 'condor_submit submit.txt' on the 2nd machine, nothing
appears to happen. in reading through the docs, and searching through
google, i can't seem to determine what i need to do to determine what's not
going right.

can anyone point me to apps/functions to help me understand if the 2nd
machine is actually submitting the job, or if the job is going off to

i can post the config_file/submit file/etc... if need be..



ps. the boxes are running inux RH8....