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Re: [Condor-users] range of LoadAvg...

> given that LoadAvg is a float.. am i correct in assuming that this
> attribute has a range between 0-1.0....

No, load average has no max value. The load is the average number of
processes running (or in disk wait) over some period of time. It's
pretty common to see loads over 10.

> if i'm wrong, can someone shed any light as to the range of this
> attribute. i'm considering using this as a way to essentially select a
> given machine within my network. ie, start on machine if the 'loadavg
> < 0.5'...

That's a pretty reasonable value. At the UW we don't start a job if the
load is greater then .3. This is also the default in the condor config.
That's to provide a fair number of cycles for jobs as well as to not
disrupt high load interactive jobs. If you want to run on machines with
the lowest load possible you'd be better off setting the job's rank in
your submit file to something like (1 / LoadAvg).