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[Condor-users] RE: condor setup using nfs....


took a look at the StarterLog for lserver3 (the server that shows up in the
condor_status, but doesn't appear to be running jobs).

i see this kind of section repeated a few times during the time the job
should be running...

10/11 20:57:37 DaemonCore: received command 444 (ACTIVATE_CLAIM), calling
r (command_activate_claim)
10/11 20:57:37 Got activate_claim request from shadow (<>)
10/11 20:57:37 Remote job ID is 43.1
10/11 20:57:37 Got universe "VANILLA" (5) from request classad
10/11 20:57:37 State change: claim-activation protocol successful
10/11 20:57:37 Changing activity: Idle -> Busy
10/11 20:57:37 Starter pid 1873 exited with status 1
10/11 20:57:37 State change: starter exited
10/11 20:57:37 Changing activity: Busy -> Idle
10/11 20:57:41 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host

this seems to be indicating that one of the processes is dying!!!

i don't get the lines that have the pid exiting in the other systems.

any idea as to what's causing this. might this be a permissions thing...



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To: bruce
Subject: Re: condor setup using nfs....

> 3) tried to make changes to the condor_config files to incorporate the
>    nfs setup... this doesn't work...

What did you edit in the condor config? In order to use the NFS share
you should only have had to change the FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN to mesa.com or
some foobar value shared between all the computers.

I'll try to take a look at this today but I can't promise anything. I've
got a lot of other stuff going on.