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[Condor-users] Condor Install newbie Questions


I am a little confused how to install and start Condor.

Our Envrionment:

We do have a PC-Pool of 30 machines plus 1 fileserver. The /home/... directory 
is mapped onto all the Pool machines by the fileserver. Additiional all users 
are managed by the fileserver. For example the user 'condor' or 'terence' are 
the same for all machines and therefore exist only once. The only exception 
is the user root. He exists seperately on all machines, so that there are 31 
different root users. The consequence of this configuration is, that for 
example root on machine 20 has no write access to /home/condor/, since this 
directory is located on the fileserver, and root on machine 20 has no rights 
on the fileserver.

The Questions:

I want to install condor into /home/condor/condor/. Central Manager is 
supposed to be the fileserver, all other machines are for executing or 
submitting jobs.

Shall I install Condor as user root or as user condor?

Shall I start condor_master as user root or as user condor?

Has condor_master to be started on all machines or on the Central Manager 
(fileserver) only? 

Thanks for help, 

Terence Dörflinger

Fraunhofer Institut für Autonome Intelligente Systeme -
Knowledge Discovery Team