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[Condor-users] CondorView with 6.7.2?

Got the second 6.7.2 collector set up. Made the necessary condor config
settings. Have set VIEW_SERVER on my pool's master. Pretty much ready to
let the logging begin.

But wait! Now I'm looking for the make_stats script and all the applet
code I need for the web server. I've looked on the contrib download page
but it's only got a view_server contrib module listed for 6.4.7 -- is
that what I'm supposed to use with 6.7.2? Hmm. I am now very confused.
Where exactly can I get the CondorView contrib modules that go along
with 6.7.2? I installed 6.7.2 from the linux tar.gz file, not the rpm.

Any help is greatly appreciated.