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[Condor-users] Condor under Windows: Q on service profiles,remote shares, PVM-> MPICH

I was just playing around some.  I switched the Condor services from running as NT Authority to an Administrator account.  After doing that, Condor does not run any jobs.  All jobs become queued.  Why is that?
Second question I have is since Condor runs as NT Authority, it does not have access to remote file shares so commands like "pushd \\computer\share "  don't work.  Is there any way then to use a remote file share for a Condor job?  Even if just to run the executable from?  All this swapping across the network takes time and some of my users end up with >1Gb of results per run.  Any ideas on some solutions (besides switching to a *nix OS)?
Thirdly, (somewhat off the Condor topic) does anyone know of a quickie/cheat sheet on the procedure call (source code) changes that need to be made to switch from PVM to MPICH?  (ie. what are the equivalent calls?)

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