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[Condor-users] Why is my collector daemon trying to talk to a uwiscserver?

I just noticed this in my CollectorLog and it causes me great

10/15 18:04:33 Housekeeper:  Done cleaning
10/15 18:05:05 Can't connect to <>:0, errno = 111
10/15 18:05:05 Will keep trying for 10 seconds...
10/15 18:05:15 Connect failed for 10 seconds; returning FALSE
10/15 18:05:15 ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to

 10/15 18:05:15 Can't send UPDATE_COLLECTOR_AD to collector
 (condor.cs.wisc.edu): Failed to send UDP update command to collector

Why is my collector daemon trying to send anything at all to
condor.cs.wisc.edu? I checked my config files for any settings that had
"wisc.edu" in them and they are all commented out. Same for settings
that have any IP addresses with "128.105" in them. Is there some default
setting that says "tell the university about everything we're doing"?
Can I stop this from even being attempted? If not, why?


Ian R. Chesal <ichesal@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Senior Software Engineer 
Altera Corporation 
Toronto Technology Center 
Tel: (416) 926-8300