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Re: [Condor-users] Extending Condor's scheduling? (forsched.researchpurposes)

Thank you. I will look into these rankings.

Ideally, I would like to have the following control: if there's an idle machine, highest priority gets it. if there's still an idle machine, next highest, etc. if i change a priority, i'd like preemption to occur immediately. (i don't even need fair-share w/in a group of tasks with the same priority.) with this, i'd be able to emulate, e.g., FCFS on a cluster, SRPT on a cluster, in addition to any novel policy i want, simply by setting priorities to reflect what my own scheduling policy wants to run.


We simply worked within the confines of the condor configuration to
change the behaviour of the system. Our machines rank jobs based on
TARGET.JobPrio and we rely on MaxJobRetirementTime to ensure our scheme
plays nice with our longer running vanilla jobs. It's tipped the fair
share balance, but it's not complete priority based queueing, which is
what we'd prefer (that is, attempt fair share among equal priority jobs
but favour higher priority jobs for execution consideration first over
lower priority jobs).