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RE: [Condor-users] XP SP2 + 6.6.7

> If you've verified that the master is properly enabled as an 
> exception, 
> there's only a few other possibilities that I can think of:
> 1. Exceptions are disabled - see netsh firewall show config 
> output and 
> look for 'Exception Mode'. It should be enabled in the 
> standard profile.

I have tried this (se previous email)
> 3. There's another firewall at work here.

There are plenty around, but if I either open the ports I mentioned,
or I turn off the FW, the problem goes away. It must be this FW that
is blocking things.

That leaves option 2.

> 2. Somehow the exceptions are not applying to the particular network 
> interface or profile you have in use.

It is a laptop, I think there are 3 network possibilities
LAN (presumably the ethernet card), wireless (disabled) and another
the firewire). 

In the Exceptions tab, the daemons above are all mentioned as expected.

In the Advanced tab, there are 3 network possibilities. It says FW is on
all of them, but if I go into each in turn, none of them mention the condor
daemons and none of the available checkboxed are enabled.

any ideas?