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Re: [Condor-users] XP SP2 + 6.6.7


In the Exceptions tab, the daemons above are all mentioned as expected.

Are their boxes checked?

How about under the General tab: do you have "Don't allow exceptions" checked?

There's also some settings for the exceptions that allow you to change the Scope of the exception (Exceptions tab, Edit..., Change Scope...), but those should all be set to Any Computer by default.

Also keep in mind that a different profile is applied when you're connected to a domain. The features in the 6.6.7 master add it to the Standard profile, which I don't believe applies when the domain profile is being used (and you probably would be better off using Group Policy to configure those settings for your entire domain). To find out which profile is currently in use, run:

netsh firewall show currentprofile