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[Condor-users] The Heterogeneous execution again.

Hey Guys, 
         Thank you very much for the feedback, unfortunately it wasn't this.
I've checked the pool a few times, condor_status shows all of the boxes, and in 
fact ,eventually , the jobs I asked it to execute do get executed on the 
        The problem here is that all of the code that is compiled under linux, 
is not executed on ANY of the windows nodes because the jobs don't get matched.
I went through the log files and I saw in MatchLog many messages basically 
sayng that "Job No. x was rejected: no match founs". Got the same result when I 
did a condor_q -analyze . 
       Is it possible to execute linux compiled code (and i did use 
condor_compile) under a linxu node? And if it is does it require any extra 
settings after installation and setting up the pool? Or does it need any 
special requirements in the submit file?

        Thanks again!

P.S. Spec's for the pool:
Linux Master(Slackware 2.2.6), WindowsXP(SP1) nodes, all P4 architecture, all 
are visible through condor_status; no common file system

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