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Re: [Condor-users] Regular Expressions in class ads comparisons?

rereading my post I realize that is misleading. I know I can use the NiceUser
attribute for this particular case, but I'm interested in doing partial string matches. Is this possible?

Short answer:


Long answer:

There are two versions of the ClassAd library. You see a ClassAd every time you do "condor_q -l" because it gives a ClassAd for each job.

All shipping versions of Condor use the so-called "old ClassAd" library, which is very straightforward, but also a bit simplistic. It does not support partial string matches in any way: there is just equality and inequality.

Internally, we have a new ClassAd library. If you look at any of our papers on ClassAds, you'll see that it discusses new ClassAds. New ClassAds are really much nicer than old ClassAds in so many ways. Among other things, you can do regular expression matching with strings, but that is about 1/100th of the improvements in new ClassAds.

Switching to the new version of ClassAds is non-trivial. The new features are not backwards-compatible, and there are many technical issues in switching. We hope to switch in the future, but I can't give you a time line for when we might switch. Sorry!