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Re: [Condor-users] Regular Expressions in class ads comparisons?

OK, thanks a lot, I will wait.... :-)

Angel de Vicente

Alain Roy writes:
 > >rereading my post I realize that is misleading. I know I can use the NiceUser
 > >attribute for this particular case, but I'm interested in doing partial 
 > >string matches. Is this possible?
 > Short answer:
 > No
 > Long answer:
 > There are two versions of the ClassAd library. You see a ClassAd every time 
 > you do "condor_q -l" because it gives a ClassAd for each job.
 > All shipping versions of Condor use the so-called "old ClassAd" library, 
 > which is very straightforward, but also a bit simplistic. It does not 
 > support partial string matches in any way: there is just equality and 
 > inequality.
 > Internally, we have a new ClassAd library. If you look at any of our papers 
 > on ClassAds, you'll see that it discusses new ClassAds. New ClassAds are 
 > really much nicer than old ClassAds in so many ways. Among other things, 
 > you can do regular expression matching with strings, but that is about 
 > 1/100th of the improvements in new ClassAds.
 > Switching to the new version of ClassAds is non-trivial. The new features 
 > are not backwards-compatible, and there are many technical issues in 
 > switching. We hope to switch in the future, but I can't give you a time 
 > line for when we might switch. Sorry!
 > -alain
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