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Re: [Condor-users] DAGMan post scripts and ${RETURN}

Kipp Cannon wrote:
The Condor user's manual claims that DAGMan will pass the return code from
the executable in a DAG node to the post script in that node through a
variable called ${RETURN}. Can someone confirm if this claim is correct?
${RETURN} appears to be unset in the post scripts I'm working with...


Just to be clear, DAGMan doesn't set an environment variable named RETURN (though that's not a bad idea). Instead, DAGMan will pass the job's return code as an argument to your post script if you've specified $RETURN as an argument to your script in the DAG specification file. E.g.:

  Job NodeFoo foo.sub
  Script Post NodeFoo postscript.sh foo bar $RETURN

Or is that what you're doing already?



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